After far too long an absence, Area 42 is back with episode 4! We break our sabbatical by delving into the 1969 book Slaughterhouse Five Or The Children’s Crusade by Kurt Vonnegut Jr. (and briefly mentioning the 1972 film adaptation). Also in this episode, we address the concept of “atheist calvanism”, what it means to be a “christ worshiping agnostic”, discuss ancient Irish customs involving nipples and horses, Brent extols the virtues of Thor:  Ragnarok, Altered Carbon and the Sermon on the Mount, and Mike manages to work in his lust for Jenna Coleman. Also: More listener feedback! Keep those cards and letters coming!

0:00 : Intro “I’m From The Future” by The Deathray Davies

1:09 : Housekeeping

47:58: Sir Ian McKellen reads a Kurt Vonnegut Jr. penned letter to a class of high school English students

50:32: “Slaughterhouse Five” – Book Discussion

1:13:55: Edited highlights of Kurt Vonnegut Jr. addressing Case Western Reserve University in 2004

1:16:56: “Slaughterhouse Five” – Religious and Philosophical Discussion

1:56:53: Outro – “Keep Watching The Skies”

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